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John M. Morris has been an illustrator since 1968. He is president of Invotech, an art services, design and software company. He has been a consistent winner in World Design Contest including the Grand Prize for Landscapes. John is also the recipient of the Frank R. Smith Award for Distinguished Communications.
He resides in a beachfront community on Long Island's north shore where he annoys the neighborhood with the sounds of chisels and grinders.
Currently Exhibiting at:
Sculpture Center Gallery, 636 Marble Street, West Rutland, VT, 05777 Phone: (802) 438-2097
Artist's Statements:
To create meaningful art, dig into your personal experiences and find something you feel passionate about. Choose the right medium and have the skill of your craft and everything else falls away.

If you listen to John Lennon’s song Imagine it would be difficult not to understand his message. Take away his singing and the meaning is difficult to grasp. My goal is to help the viewer hear the voice of my art and understand the language of my creation.

Michelangelo’s David is just a big naked white guy unless we understand that: The voice tells us that…
he is the biblical figure David and the language says…
that the greatness in that biblical event was not that he defeated the Goliath but that David had the faith in God to face the giant.
Creating is like breathing. It is my way of life.

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Stone: Alabaster, Dolomite, Granite, Jasper, Limestone, and Marble.
Paint: Tempera, Gouache, Oil.
Digital: Vector and Bitmap.

Realistic, Symbolic, Figurative, and Organic.
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