Staccato Signals


Artist's Collection

Inspired by the Paul Simon song “Boy in the Bubble” and carved under the tutelage of B. Amore on the Isle LaMotte, Vermont. This piece is something of a breakthrough for me in that the meaning constantly changes as you rotate the piece. Previously my abstract/direct works have had “faces” as in Song of the Whales (2 sides) or Seasons (4 sides).
The work is about the oppression caused by apartheid in South Africa and is best viewed while listening to the recording. The symbolic representations such as the center “starburst feature” have changing meaning as the stone is viewed both in time and from other directions. At one moment it is the bomb in the baby carriage and at another it might be a laser in the jungle or a staccato signal.

The lyrics can be found on Paul Simon's website

Champlain Black Marble
13 ½” high, 23” wide, 15” deep, Carved 2003

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